Tuesday, November 24, 2015

On the Other Side of Fat
By: Dannie Hawkins

Life on the other side of fat
There could be nothing wrong with that
Because once you’re skinny
And your waist is so mini
A more perfect life is a fact
Life without the rolls
And wearing extra small clothes
Looking good in everything
All the joy that skinniness brings
The obsession with every inch
The meltdown over every pound
You want to be thin
You still suck it in
And now it’s hard to keep food down
The magazines
The images
The desire to be perf
Being the ultimate beautiful girl
No matter how much it hurts
There is no such thing as hungry
Hungry is just a thought
Ignore the grumbles
The way your stomach rumbles
Look at all the cool stuff I just bought
I’ll just paint my nails instead
I’ll distract myself on the internet
I’m kind of scared to eat bread
Isn’t it weird how I kind of feel dead?
A million selfies on phones
Nobody uses ringtones
I need to be able to see my bones
Smile big
So no one knows
That with every skipped meal
That the emptiness just grows
Just ten more likes
I just need one more follow
So full on the outside

Yet a spirit so hollow.